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Birth Stories

Baby snail

We had a wonderful experience with Anouk. I was looking for a doula who would support me during the delivery of our daughter Luna. The fact that Anouk also worked as an prenatal yoga teacher and masseuse, really appealed to me. Her calm, friendly and professional attitude, made me trust her right away.

At first, my husband was quite sceptic and wondered why having just him beside me wasn't enough. Doulas are still quite unknown in The Netherlands so his reaction was understandable. The opposite was true, his role became even more purposeful. The weeks before and during the delivery, Anouk taught us specific exercises to reduce discomfort, to promote the position of the baby and to handle contractions. I experienced much less pelvic pain and when the baby had not descended yet, she provided us lots of tips and tricks.

Eventually, the delivery itself took quite long because our daughter was a so-called 'stargazer'. Nevertheless, Anouk seemed tireless and kept standing by my side. Her presence and positivity made me persevere and better able to handle the contractions.

With her easy voice and amazing techniques with the rebozo scarf, our daughter came into this world through an all-natural birth. Even our midwife was extremely impressed. It was a very beautiful experience which we will never forget. Without Anouk's dedicated action, I am sure I would have had a caesarean!

- Daphne P.


After having looked around for extra support during the upcoming birth of our first baby, we met Anouk through a friend of ours. We immediately felt connected during the intake. The idea of having Anouk at our childbirth felt reassuring to us both. Aside from her professional approach, everything felt just right on the personal side too. In the weeks coming up to the birth we met with Anouk and spoke to her a couple of times. Anouk was great company and we learnt a lot to help us through the birth, such as different techniques to relax Christine and useful tips for David on how he could offer support. Aside from this, Christine also saw Anouk a few times for her other expertise; massage. This was also wonderful!
And then the great moment arrived! Christine was induced for the birth of our son. From day one Anouk was of great support in this. Aside from the things that we had already practised, Anouk has a giant knowledge of techniques to make the birthing experience a lot easier. She is very considerate and knows how to provide a calm and serene atmosphere. We are very grateful to her and we would not hesitate to seek her assistance in the birth of a next child.

- Christine & David


The Good Birth Companion...
... is the title of a book written by Nicole Croft, English doula and pregnancy yoga teacher. I bought this book totally by chance and reading it meant a life changing experience to me and to my husband. We highly recommend it to every pregnant!
In week 30 of my pregnancy (first child), the doctors decided I would have to give birth in the hospital because my baby should get checked up straight away. After having said farewell to water birth and other ideas I had, my priority became: "calm down and find a doula" (I'm not really a hospital person, that's why.)
How happy we were to find Anouk!!! Beforehand, her openness, kindness and mind full of all sorts of ideas about child bearing helped us to feel more comfortable about our hospital birth. And then, when the labour suddenly hit us soon after completing week 35, we realized what a treasure Anouk was. We were lucky that she was around at that time and she could come to the hospital immediately. Quite unprepared we felt in that moment – mentally, that the baby is coming, NOW! And literally – not everything was ready in the house yet! In the moment of panic, Anouk's presence brought peace to us. She blended so well with the hospital crew, quickly gained their respect, and when they realized how much she was helping me, they let her work and interfered only when absolutely necessary. So there she was, coaching us, helping us to know what to do and how to go with the flow of labour. It was amazing and we are so happy for having decided to have a doula by our side!!!
Anouk, thank you from all our hearts for this incredible birth experience, for being our Good Birth Companion!!!

- Eva & Roberto & baby Hiroki


We highly value Anouks assistance during our childbirth. She was calm and adept; a good combination for us as future parents expecting their first child. Anouk was of great help during the birth. She suggested new ways to relieve the labour pains and to deal with the contractions The Labour-Tens machine and the massages by Anouk helped me to cope with the the pain. She also supported the father-to-be, sensing when we needed her help and when to take a little distance. In short: a wonderful Doula!

- Hanna


It was great to have Anouk with us during the birth! The Labour-Tens machine, the music, the etheric oils, the foot massages, her optimism and a joke now and then; everything was just right. My husband greatly appreciated her tips of how he could support me; A positive experience! Thanks Anouk!

- Jessica


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