How does it work?


The purpose of the intake is for us to get aquainted. And to get an idea of how you both feel about the upcoming birth. This is also an opportunity to discuss your wishes, so that I can tell you if it is possible for me to meet your expectations. However, the most important thing is that we get along well and that it feels right for both parties. At this point there are no strings attached.


Once you decide to work with me, we would make 2 or more appointments to get a clearer sense of your wishes, and to find the best way in which I can assist you as a Doula.

Baby rore


In the weeks before your due date, should you need to call, email or text me, please feels free to do so. And if needed I will come an make small visits. If you think that your labour has started and are feeling unsure then you should call your midwife/OB. And all the while, please keep me informed.

If your labour has indeed started then I will immediately join you, no matter whether it's day or night; I am there for you and will stay with you during the entire childbirth. Together with the medical team we will strive to make your birth experience as comfortable as possible.


A few days or weeks after the birth I will visit you again to reflect on your experience. I will give you a birth report as a way to remember your special moment. And of course to admire your new-born baby.

A moment for yourself...