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Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga (with baby) is a way that will help to find your balance and to get back in touch with your body again after giving birth. After this huge change in your life...finding a balance between being a mother 24/7 and not forgetting yourself in the process can be a bit of a challenge. An hour to yourself together with your baby to focus on your body and mind can be really good.

Often I hear women saying that they want to get back in shape after giving birth, but the transition from pregnancy and childbirth can be too big to immediately take on the physical activities they did before becoming pregnant (sports, running, tennis, zumba etc..)

In the postnatal yoga classes we pay special attention to the pelvic area; strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. The yoga exercises will help to both strengthen the muscles and relax your body.


  Fijne Geboorte offers to 3 different courses:

Postnatale yoga

  • A course with baby or for the mother only
  • Both courses are existing of 4 classes
  • Duration of the class: 75min
  • With a normale birth you can start from 6 weeks after childbirth  to 6 months later. After a caesarean birth you can start from 8 to 10 weeks after childbirth, in consultation with your midwife or gynecologist           

A course for the mother and baby:

  • Getting back in shape and feeling your body again, without having to worry about who is looking after your baby and/or no stress for getting back on time for the feeding.
  • Taking a moment for yourself even if the baby is with you.
  • Having quality time with the baby.

 A course only for the mother:

  • Getting back in shape and feeling your body again.
  • Taking this hour for yourself and beiing aware of the persone you are beside beiing a mother.
  • Quality time for yourself

A course mother and toddler yoga:

  • Exiting of 4 classes
  • Duration of the class 60 min
  • Age between 6 month's and 12 month's
  • A combi of yoga poses, dancing, songs and cames
  • Good for the coordination and helps the baby to learn to focus better
  • You do the exercises together, what ever feels right for you and your baby

A course on Thursday from 10:45-11:45 (for mother and baby)
No new dates at the moment

A Course on Wednesday, 20:30-21:45 (only for the mother)
Starts: no new dates at the moment (course exist of 4 classes)

At the moment no new dates planned  for " Mother and toddler yoga", but let me know by e-mail if you are interested.

All the courses can start with min 5 participants

Do you want more information? Call me or mail me.


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