About me

My name is Anouk Cappuyns. I was born in Belgium and I have been living in The Netherlands for more than 15 years. My first job as a professional dancer showed me the way to The Hague, and thanks to my dancing career I have travelled a lot and seen a big part of the world. I speak Dutch, English and French fluently and have a basic knowledge of German.

Soon into my career, I realised that I had other interests besides dancing. I followed different training courses such as sportmassage, shiatsu, polarity massage, connective tissue massage etc.

However, that wasn’t “it” yet.

My affinity for pregnant women and birth

I can say that since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with pregnancy and birth. Through my work as a masseuse I often met pregnant women and it was very special to be able to give them a massage. My passion grew.

A few years ago I wanted to study to become a midwife. However, it would have been difficult to combine 4 years of fulltime study with my job as a dancer. Yet I wanted to ‘mean’ something more to pregnant women, so I took a course to become a prenatal yoga teacher. Besides teaching my own yoga classes, I worked for different years as a coach in a training-school in The Hague, educating others to become prenatal yoga teachers.

Each week I teach about 5 hours of pre-natal yoga, meeting with about 30 pregnant women. Helping women in their preparation for childbirth is truly something wonderful! Meeting them again in postnatal yoga classes is also great. The part that I was missing was the childbirth itself, which is why I followed a training to become a Doula. Now the picture is complete.

Ever year I follow different Trainings and workshops to keep my knowledge updated and work with the most recent techniques. A few years back I became the first certified Spinning Babies Parent Educator in the Netherlands.

I am truly honoured every time I get to assist a childbirth.

My training

  • JJ Doula advanced training, June 2013
  • Workshop ” Undisturbed Birth ” Sarah Buckley, Sept 2013
  • JJ Doula training Level 3, Sept 2013
  • Spinning Babies® Workshop, Gail Tully, Jan 2014
  • Workshop, Elizabeth Davis, March 2014
  • Spinning Babies® Workshop, Gail Tully, Jun 2014
  • Dona International workshop ”When Survivors Give Birth”, Penny Simkin, Nov 2014
  • JJ Doula training degree, 2015
  • Spinning Babies® Workshop, Jennifer Walker, Okt 2016
  • Spinning Babies® Workshop, Jennifer Walker, Dec 2016
  • “Balance for Better Birth”, Debra McLaughlin and Marcello Windolph, April 2017
  • EFT workshop, Monique van Leeuwen, Dec 2017
  • Spinning Babies® Integration Workshop, Gail Tully and Jennifer Walker, Feb 2018
  • Certified Spinning Babies Parent Educator training, Gail Tully, April 2018