Birth Partner Workshop

Workshops at Fine Birth are given in small groups.

Birth Partner Workshop

Fijne Geboorte offers every 6 weeks a Birth Partner Workshop. A 2-hours workshop where you will learn how to prepare for labour and give tips and tools to your birth partner in order to assist you better.

Childbirth is not only intensive for the woman who is in labor but can also be intensive for her partner. In the Birth Partner Workshop, the partner gets an idea of his or her active role in the birth, and learns different ways to support you.

If you are interested in following both the Spinning Babies Parent Class and the Birth Partner Workshop then it’s better to purchase the “Duo Birth Preparation Package”. You wil get a €20 discount.

Costs: €75 per couple
Duration: 2 hours

New dates coming up:
11 Nov & 16 Dec 2021
27 Jan & 10 Mar 2022

* This workshop can happen with minimum 3 couples.

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