House rules

Signing up for your class and cancelling

We maintain a minimum and maximum number of participants for a class. Due to the covid-19 there are only 6 spots instead of 10.

It is therefore important to sign up. Are you not able to come? Please cancel before 12:00 am for the evening class. And for any morning class before 18:00 the day before. For Birth preparation workshops or Spinning Babies Parent Class please cancel your reservation at least 48 hours before. This can be done through our Online Scheduler or the Eversports App available on Apple Store and Google Play. If not cancelled in time you will be charge for the class or workshop automatically.

Please arrive on time

Make sure to arrive at least 5 minutes before your class. From start of class door will be closed downstairs. This way the class can start peacefully.

Report physical or psycological complaints

Let your teacher know if you have any issues. Your wellbeing and health is very important.

Keep the spaces clean and ordered

Please help us to keep the space clean and ordered.

  • Do not wear shoes in the yoga rooms.
  • After using yoga mats, pillows and blankets please put everything back on place.
  • Please bring your used teacup back to the dressing room.

Please wear as little perfume as possible

Some people are allergic or sensitive to strong odours. Try to wear as little perfume as possible or do not wear any perfume at all.

Practical information

  • Always consult your doctor before you start yoga if you are not sure if you are completely healthy or are pregnant.
  • If you have an injury or other physical complaints, always inform the teacher before starting a yoga class.
  • Listen and follow the instructions of the teacher.
  • Listen to your body and take into account your own boundaries.
  • Do not perform exercises or postures that are painful for you.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure how an exercise or posture should be performed.

Possible emotional or physical reactions

Yoga has a healing touch and can stimulate different things in the body.

It is possible that you will experience discomfort due to toxins that want to leave the body. You may experience headache or feel nauseous.

Physical symptoms may also have a mental cause. Emotional blockages can be felt. It is not strange that you may feel emotional during or after class. Don’t fight it. Just let it be. Talk to the teacher for advice or guidance.

Props / Material

We have yoga mats and other props available in the studio. But it is nice to bring your own towel for personal hygiene.

Eating before class

It is better to have some time in between your meal and class if you do need to eat then eat light.

General Terms

  • It is not possible to change a class card for a massage appointment.
  • Refund for class card is not possible. But if you are pregnant and baby decides to come earlier before 37 weeks and your card is still valid, you can finish your card in the postnatal yoga or “yoga for everyone” classes.
  • Fijne Geboorte is allowed to cancel the class or have another teacher.
  • If you have to cancel a massage appointment please do so 24 hours before your appointment. Otherwise the full amount will be charged.
  • If you reserve a spot for one of workshops please cancel 48 hours before, otherwise the full amount will be charged.
  • Are you not able to come to a yogs class? Please cancel before 12:00 am for the evening class. And for the morning class before 18:00 the day before.