Prenatal Massage

A 60 minutes massage with warm essential oils on a special massage table designed for pregnant women. The special massage table has hollowed out areas to accommodate your growing belly and breasts, so you can enjoy lying facedown while being massaged. You are very welcome from week 16 of your pregnancy.

Your pregnancy is a time of many bodily changes. Hormone levels are soaring, your ligaments and muscles become more flexible and loose. Your body adapts to make room for your growing baby and prepares you for the upcoming childbirth. It is only natural that these changes make you tire easily.

Benefitls of pregnancy massage

  • Pregnancy massage can alleviate discomforts such as:
    • Neck and shoulder pain, lower back aches, pelvic pains
    • Leg cramps
    • Water retention / Swelling
    • Difficulty sleeping
  • Enhances blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Improves the blood circulation to the placenta and the toxins can be discarded from the body faster

A massage during your pregnancy can relieve physical discomforts, while also relaxing your body and mind. It eases anxiousness, feelings of fear and depression, helping you to sleep better.

Even if you have no discomforts, a massage is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. You can enjoy a massage at any stage during your pregnancy; even after the due date.

Postnatal massage

Fijne Geboorte offers massages up until 9 months after the birth. Motherhood is amazing but can be intense too.

Finding a new ritme, getting to know your little one, broken nights, feeding and carrying the baby, can create a lot of tension in the body. Therefor a moment for yourself by getting a massage can be amazing.

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