Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, not only physical but also hormonal. Prenatal yoga brings peace and quiet during this intense special period in your life and prepares you for the arrival of your baby. Through yoga exercises you become more aware of your body and you learn to stay true to yourself, it allows you to listen to your feelings and brings you closer to yourself and your baby.

We live in times of stress and obligations. Before you know it you forget to enjoy the great gift of pregnancy.

A little time for yourself and your unborn child can be very valuable. You will be able to enjoy your pregnancy more and, together with your baby, prepare for the moment of delivery in a more relaxed way.

Prenatal yoga by Fijne Geboorte

There are various kinds of prenatal yoga out there. You can do a prenatal yoga course consisting of 8 to 10 lessons or join an on-going prenatal yoga class. Fijne Geboorte chose for on-going prenatal yoga, where you can start and stop whenever you like.

What makes Fijne Geboorte prenatal yoga so unique is that the teacher Anouk Cappuyns uses her experiences she got while giving support during birth in her classes. The focus is more on physical exercises and alongside you get theoretical information that helps you during pregnancy and childbirth.

The basic principle of Fijne Geboorte is “Don’t think too much, but instead, do and experience”. During the classes you will discover which way to give birth suits you best. You will familiarise with this method in order to go through the process of labour and childbirth better prepared and more relaxed.

What else can you expect

  • You keep fit and learn to deal with physical changes and aches during your pregnancy (like pelvis complaints, backache, leg cramps, loss of sleep, etc.)
  • You learn to be closer to yourself, to trust your own physical strength and to relax
  • You will receive tips to use during delivery
  • You learn different breathing techniques, which can be useful during childbirth
  • Theoretical information about pregnancy and childbirth

Practical information

  • Anyone can join, no matter if you have yoga experience or not.
  • When to start? When normal movement becomes uncomfortable or when you want to experience your pregnancy more consciously, or just want to relax (20 weeks)
  • When to stop? These exercises can continue throughout the pregnancy. Even if the little one is delaying and the due date has passed.
  • Every class is 75 minutes
  • All classes are in English. Except if everyone is speaking Dutch.
  • Check your health insurance. Many are refunding a part or the whole fee.
  • Check out also the information about our workshops that prepare you for labor.