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Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Workshops at Fijne Geboorte are given in small groups.

What is Spinning Babies®?

Spinning Babies is an approach that teaches parents expecting a way to create the necessary space for the baby by restoring the balance within the body. This unique approach offers several protocols and labor solutions with an anatomical basis that can help in various occasions of stalled labor. You can do this workshop from 23 weeks on.

Spinning Babies® Parent Class provides clear instructions on how to use Spinning Babies® for a more comfortable and confident pregnancy and labor.
Daily Essentials can be practiced daily throughout pregnancy to help bring balance and comfort — and an easier, shorter birth.

Why Spinning Babies®?

Birthing bodies are designed for birth. Openings through the pelvis vary in shape from top to bottom. Muscles that line the pelvis and the ligaments holding the uterus guide the baby. These shapes and tensions create or limit space for baby to descend. A baby navigates by turning their head, and so the word, “spinning”. We offer unique preparation and solutions to help baby rotate and therefore, to ease birth for the mother. Our concepts and techniques make the approach we call “Spinning Babies”.

Because people have been giving birth and being born for thousands of years, some expectant parents don’t expect to have to do something in order for birth to happen naturally. A class for childbirth may seem redundant when professionals are waiting at the hospital. A common gamble is to just “wait and see what happens”.

Modern living loves a slouch. Sitting, lounging, taking the car rather than walking, are all comfortable and convenient. Sedentary positions, such as sitting tipped back on our tailbones, or leaning over, many hours of the day, stiffen the joints and muscles reducing mobility and even stability. The entire body is affected. Those hours sitting in cars and on cozy couches can add length and pain to labor.

At the other extreme, certain types of exercise can also reduce our birthing advantage. While exercising in ways that complement pregnancy can be very helpful, exercising to be “super fit” (rather than supple) can restrain your little traveler rather than make birth easier. Injuries, falls, car accidents, and habits that twist the muscles or ligaments to the uterus can also reduce the natural flow of labor and birth.

Is a difficult birth really the roll of fate’s dice? Or might the difference between an easy or challenging birth be partly due to modern living? If the answer may be yes, can we better our odds?
With the Spinning Babies approach, you’ll learn that not just movement but special movement may help restore birth ease even with a modern lifestyle.

Spinning Babies® offers several ways of self care during pregnancy and during labor:

  • Daily Essentials – Improve your range of motion
  • The Three Sisters of Balancesm – Restore your body’s balance
  • Rest Smartsm – Maintain flexibility and function with Rest Smartsm positions for pregnancy
  • Birth Positions – Open the pelvis with birth positions that make room for baby
  • Self-care may be more effective than a wait-and-see strategy. Parents can create their own comfort and ease. Simple, gentle, and repetitive, working with the body brings rewards for living well.

Costs: €145 per couple
Duration: 3h

If you are interested in doing the Spinning Babies Parent Class and the Birth Partner Workshop buy then the “Duo Birth Preparation Packet”. You get €20 discount.

New dates:
11 March, 15 April, 6 May, 3 June 2023
Time: 10:00 – 13:00

* This workshop can happen with minimum 3 couples.

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