Breech Treatment

Normally around 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, a baby slowly moves its head down. At around 32 weeks, a baby begins to settle into position for birth. Some babies still choose to lie with their buttocks or feet down (breech) or sideways (transverse). We never know exactly why, but often it has to do with space and balance in the pelvis.

What to expect during the treatment

By applying different techniques (moxa, Spinning Babies® techniques and fascia work), I try to create more space and balance in the pelvis and uterus so that the baby gets the chance to turn itself. You also get exercises to do at home.

I’m not going to push or pull the belly and I’m not doing a version like in the hospitals.

After the treatment I often see that space has been made for a child to turn on its own or that if you decide to do a version in the hospital, the chance of success is much greater.

After the due date treatment

Are you past your due date and have you been waiting for your baby for a while? Do you feel the pressure of the induction approaching? Would you like to invite your child in a natural way? Then this treatment might be for you. I use different techniques such as: acupressure points, massage, Spinning Babies® and fascia work.

Duration of the treatment is approximately 60 min

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